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MTI Startup is an early-stage investment company, strategically located in the Research Park at USN Campus Bakkenteigen in Vestfold. Here we are co-located with Innovation Norway, Silicia technology incubator, a number of research laboratories, and in a large ecosystem of companies in the field of development and production of technology. Together with our partners, we help an entrepreneur from idea through startup and growth to exit.

This is not a fund. All our investors have extensive experience from start-ups, and have a very active role in the selection and follow-up of each company.

Feel free to contact us if you are a potential co-investor with the same mindset/criteria as us.


The incubator has a good offer for all entrepreneurs, and especially those who work with electronics, micro- and nanotechnology.


MTI hosts the Electronic Coast industrial cluster. Here there are good opportunities for cooperation with the business community.


Easy access to expertise, lab, students and other resources.

Presåkornkapital - All its way to the 100 0

We invest preseed capital on behalf of Innovation Norway.


Consultancy assistance beyond the standard services in the incubator.


Adviser to business owners.

Investment criteria

  • Everything in software.
  • Certainly electronics development and production;  For example, sensors, circuit boards, network components, etc.
  • All of the micro and nanotechnology that can harness resources at USN; water purification, energy, material technology etc.
Product or service
  • The company will show technological solutions with identified advantages in its markets.
  • We need to understand the product, and even be able to communicate what it is.
  • Certainly solutions within IoT (Internet of things) and IIot (Industrial Internet of things), artificial intelligence and smart systems.
  • The company must have a business idea with significant growth potential.
  • Certainly against international markets, but no prerequisite..
  • Preferably B2B, B2G, B2B2x.
  • The business model must be clear and scalable.
  • Certainly subscription models (recurring).
  • We are also looking for the company's ability to build barriers both with regards to existing and future competition. Preferably patents.
  • We are looking for companies with a clear value proposition for customers and the environment.
  • We are looking for dedicated managers (preferably teams) with considerable experience and ambition to bring the company to the next phase.
  • Must be coachable.
  • Commercial mindset, not only product oriented.
  • Milestone investments. Normally 0.5 – 2 MNOK in first investment. Clear path for further growth and capitalization.
  • Focus on businesses priced lower than 10 MNOK.
  • Co-investor is most often wanted.
  • Board participation and role case-by-case.

We combine private capital with grants and loans from Innovation Norway.

Primarily we are looking for businesses younger than 2 years with head office in central Eastern Norway.

We work closely with other investment companies, business, academia and other actors who can assist in commercialisation of businesses.

We have no special segment or industry requirements.

We have no fixed investment horizon. But we have to have a common ambition for exit. We are no bank ...

Can offer counselling as a payable service, but not "management for hire".


Investment manager

Jan Wessel Bratterud

Partner at Jarlsberg Partners

Responsible for selection and negotiating investment opportunities in MTI Startup. 30+ years of experience from the IT and financial industries.


Have you already made an investor presentation?

Investment Council

MTI Startup is an investment community with commandal capital. Decisions on investment are adopted with a 2/3 majority of the Investment Council, where all the owners have a main representative.

Bjørnar Olsen

Owner, BO-BO Invest AS

Authorized financial analyst with 30+ years of experience. Managed investments on behalf of a number of investors and themselves since 1999.

Edvin Austbø

Owner, Alden AS

Investor with portfolio in technology, real estate, retail, and much more. Invests in listed and unlisted businesses.

Marius Simensen

Controller, Hesnes Group

The Hesnes Group is a global shipping group that also has experience from oil trading, aircraft, helicopters, and real estate investments.

Richard Urbanski

Owner, TTC Invest AS

Investment companies with interests in import, real estate, transport, and technology. Invests in listed and unlisted businesses.

Roar Aasvang

Partner, Jarlsberg Partners AS

Long experience from financing, start-up, operations, further development, management and sales of technology companies. Chairman of mti.

Sigge Ollendorff

Owner, Lucienne AS

Investment companies with considerable experience and investments in real estate and technology companies, nationally and internationally. 

Sjalg Mortvedt


Total supplier in mechanical and electromechanical services. Significant expertise in engineering and project.

Tormod Moldestad

CEO, Microtech Innovation AS

Project and management experience from companies in oil & gas / industry.



Bridgehill will become a world-leading player in fire safety. 

Proven technology for controlling ocean temperatures.

Advanced, patented medtech sensor for early warning of ischemia. Investment through MTI.

Environmental technology. Treatment of wastewater, sludge and organic waste for the production of biocoal and biooil.

Patented, long-range wireless mesh network with support for the essential RF standards.

Patent-sought measuring instrument for the oil and gas industry.

Development of GPS and AR-based games for education.

AR-based football games.

Contact us

MTI Startup AS
v/ Jan Wessel Bratterud

+47 916 48 411

Jan (at) mtias.no

Forskningsparken, Borre

From E18 – Take the exit 34 towards Rv19. Follow Rv19 and turn right towards Tønsberg in the first roundabout towards Rv325. Follow Rv325, in the first roundabout turn right towards USN. Follow the road to the right, then the first exit to the right. MTI Startup has an office on the 4th floor of forskningsparken, built that is right in front of you at the end of the road. Parker to the left of Forskningsparken. There are 1400 free parking spaces.